IT major events

This timeline shows all major events, which I think they are worth to mention, in the IT ecosystem :

  • Announcement of Merger or Acquisitions intention,
  • Partnership announcement,
  • Influential people moving, stepping down, etc …

This is a major move. Behind Red Hat’s RHEL, OpenShift, Kubernetes expertise (and the list goes on), there is also Red Hat’s previous acquisitions with CoreOS, InkTank, Ansible to name few.


Duo Security have a very popular MFA cloud service (Multifactor Authentication). This may be a good fit to Cisco Umbrella and the CloudLock CASB service, and is definitely in the Cisco’s long term strategy to become software company (behemot’s pivot takes time).


GitHub is basically the world’s code repository. Microsoft own it, and one can see this as a big commitment to Open Source. But GitHub is also and foremost a specialized and extremely qualitative social network. Coupled with Linkedin (same : specialized and qualitative), that makes two highly qualitative social network for Microsoft. You can’t really say if Linkedin could empower Github or is it the other way. Add some clever ML on top of all that data, and Microsoft have gold between their hands.


This is the last move from VMware in the journey to expand itself and become also a networking company. SD-WAN is hot, everybody want his share, and VeloCloud’s assets will be a nice fit into the NSX portfolio.


Amongst other things, Hive-IO propose his own VDI solution (tagged as DaaS) and a Hadoop-as-a-Service offering.


Kirill Tatarinov steps down as Citrix’s CEO and the former CFO is now in charge. That follow Mark Templeton’s retirement two years earlier.


Cisco aims to step up his game on the SD-Wan market with one of the most brilliant startup in this space.


Deis is a company developing solutions for Kubernetes container management. Their flagship product is “Helm – The package manager for Kubernetes”.


AppDynamics is a leader on the Application Performance Monitoring space (APM). The transaction cost Cisco 3.7 billions USD.


This is the largest tech merger to date. 67 billions USD. When you say EMC, you also say : VMware, RSA and Pivotal. There is indeed lot of overlapping between the two groups (Dell & EMC), but so much room for synergy, an enormous global market share in many “tech sections”, and obviously a path to vertical integration in a way recalling Oracle or IBM’s old days.

Interesting, when you see HPE selling software assets to MicroFocus.


This major acquisition marks VMware’s entrance to the EMM Market (Enterprise Mobility Management), and will slowly but deeply reshape the company’s EUC strategy.

Two years earlier, Citrix was acquiring Zenprise.


Up to 18 cores,
Cluster on Die (CoD),


Up to 8 cores,
HT reintroduced,
Turbo Boost 1.0,
VT-x, VT-d.


Intel’s first multi-core CPU architecture, a radical strategy change to keep pace with Moore’s law 🙂

up to 4 cores.