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CLI memo #1

Here is a quick memo of some CLI commands I use. Just a quick reminder for the few commands I may need on my daily operations.

Today’s task is just creating a vlan on a Brocade network switchs, running NOS (Network OS).

conf t
interface vlan <vlan id>
description <your vlan description>


Update : 2015-06
Yes, you silly Cisco-Admin, you read it right : @Brocade NOS, with this command you don’t create an SVI, but just a vlan 🙂

A quick extract from the Admin Guide:

On Brocade VDX hardware, VLANs are treated as interfaces from a configuration point of view. By default all the DCB ports are assigned to VLAN 1 (VLAN ID equals 1).

The vlan_ID value can be 1 through 3963. VLAN IDs 3964 through 4090 are internally-reserved VLAN IDs.
However, the reserved-vlan command can modify this range. VLANs above 4090 are not configurable. Refer to the Network OS Command Reference.

Here are some links to deep dive in Brocade Network OS, as usual you have to RTFM to become a master:

There is some other basic command I may cover later like VCS, port-channels, etc …

Links collection #1

Here is a collection of some interesting articles & papers I stumbled upon last week.
This list is mainly for my own record and allow me to not keep a web browser with more than 20 tabs opened over one month. 🙂

Sure “cloud bookmarks” solutions are great. There is plenty of them out there, and I use them.
But the drawbacks are the following :
– it’s quicker for me to write down that link rather than struggling with folder and tags,
– I would need my credentials or an agent to access my bookmarks,
– it could be lengthy to find back that link 2 years later,
– that link is maybe only needed on a temporary basis or particular context, and do not deserve a bookmark.

Finally, I think it’s easier to share with others over a blog (no need to affiliate on a profile, etc …).
So, after this long introduction, here is “Link Collection #1”.


  1. RecoverPoint Comes Clean with VPLEX (clearpathsg)
  2. Interesting use cases for VPLEX (vijay swami)
  3. A Deeper Look at VPLEX (Scott Lowe)

vMSC (vSphere Metro Streched Cluster)

  1. vSphere Metro Stretched Cluster with vSphere 5.5 and PDL AutoRemove (longwhiteclouds)


  1. Support for virtual machine disks larger than 2 TB in vSphere 5.5 (2058287) (vmware)
  2. vsphere 5.5 Jumbo VMDK Deep dive (longwhiteclouds)

vSphere, vCenter & vCloud Director 5.5

  1. VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 deployment tips and tricks (ivobeerens)
  2. Top 10 things you must read about vSphere 5.5 (vsphere land)
  3. Comparison of vCloud Director Maximums 1.5 / 5.1 / 5.5 (virtualizationexpress)

  4. Comparison of vSphere Maximums 5.1 / 5.5 (vsphere land)

  5. vCenter, vSphere & vCloud Director 5.5 configuration maximums (vmware)
  6. vCloud Director 5.1 Configuration Maximums (2036392) (vmware)
  7. vSphere 5.1 configuration maximums (vmware)

Open Source Clouds

  1. Beyond Chef and Puppet: Ten essential DevOps tools (TechTarget)